I've finally taken my website live! After spending over a year working on it, it's here! 🎉

I had originially planned to build this thing in WordPress which is what I usually use for building websites for my company's clients. I had run through a number of designs for this site over the last year, but I was never happy with them.

With the introduction of WordPress 5.0 late last year, a couple of things broke on my website. Feeling frustrated, I began looking at alternatives. During my summer internship at Datacom I was introduced by one of the mentors to JAMstack. You can read up on more about this architecture here. Essentially it's client-side Javascript, with APIs sprinkled throughout to pull in data, and Markup to template content pages such as this blog post you're reading!

Drawn to the speed and simplicity of the JAMstack I started looking at my options. I eventually settled with GatsbyJS, due to my familiarity with react and the available documentation. I have been impressed with both the speed of development and the speed of the final result. In fact, I want to start building some of our client sites this way too.

I'll probably write up about my experience with Gatsby at some point, but for now I am just happy to have something online!

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